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Short explanation of this spell checker

This software checks English grammar, punctuation and other orthography in text. 'Awin' It gives proposals for fix of improper words. You can choose which fix to use. Each mistake in text is marked after the check and given for you. This software is free to use. Grammar checker doesn’t have limitations on use. It doesn’t need download or instal. This checker of writing is under constant development and improvement. So you checker in writing is always up to modern days writing rules.

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FAQ of grammar checker

Yes, this website is dedicated for English only.

We plan to implement paid plans in the near future, meanwhile you can check your writing for free.

There are no limitations on the sort of text you wish to check. Academic, professional, marketing, business- all kinds of text have same meaning to this grammar check software. We can help with any kind of writing, be it Essay, thesis, or complex research paper.

This software detects mistakes and improper grammar forms, but doesn’t change these cases automatically. You have to do this manually. So it is not actually the corrector or grammar mistakes as it would be considered in classic way.

No, this software doesn’t change words to synonyms. You can use other software like paraphrasing tool.

This tool works scanning each word, it doesn’t check punctuation in sentences or paragraphs.